Importing from Google Classroom

!Importing classes

  1. Go to Admin Classes to open the list of classes. access list of classes
  2. Click New Class Import from Google Classroom access list of classes
  3. You may need to enter your Google account password.
  4. Find the classes you want to import and click Import next to each. access list of classes
  5. Make sure that the details of the class you are importing are correct and click Import again. access list of classes
access list of classes

Once the class is imported you will be able to add and remove students and faculty, however those changes will not be synced back to Google Classroom.

!Other features

  • To open this in your Google Classroom account click ... Show in Google Classroom next to the class name
  • To re-import a class from Google Classroom click ... Synchronize with Google Classroom next to the class name. New class members may be added and existing members removed. If a class member is removed during synchronization he or she will remain a member of the organization account.
  • To disassociate a class from your Google Classroom account click ... Unlink from Google Classroom next to the class name. Note that this operation is not reversible.
  • To switch the Google Classroom account or unsubscribe from Google Classroom click Change Google Classroom Account under the list of classes.

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