Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Step 1Join a Capti Organization Account

  1. If Capti organization account administrator already added you then you should have received a confirmation email from Capti. Find it in your inbox and activate your Capti account.
  2. Go to www.captivoice.com and click Log In and enter your ID and password.

Tip: If you can't find the confirmation email: check your spam folder or speak to your organization account administrator .

Tip: If your school doesn't have Capti organization account then you can set one up yourself. Simply click Sign Up Educator's Sign Up and fill in the form.

Step 2Add Members to Your Organization Account

Go to Admin Members, click Enroll, and select how you want to add. access list of playlists

Detailed step by step instructions

Tip: If your organization account doesn't have enough member capacity speak to the administrator of your organization account about increasing the limit.

Step 3Share Materials with Students

Add content to Capti and assign it to students: