Quick Start Guide for Personal Use

Capti is the best productivity app for listening to e-books, documents, and web pages. It is perfect for learning English and other languages, as well as for listening to any reading materials on the go and hands-free. Capti is universally accessible, and people who have vision impairments, dyslexia, and other print disabilities use Capti as an assistive technology. People with and without disabilities use Capti to be more productive at school and at work, or they can relax and listen to news articles and e-books for pleasure.

To start using Capti:

  • Step 1 (optional) download Capti for iPhone / iPad, or for Windows and Mac. Or use through the Capti website.
  • Step 2: create an account or log into an existing account.
  • Step 3: add documents or web articles to the playlist
  • Step 4: choose something you added and press Play to start listening

Capti will read PDF, WORD, EPUB, DAISY, HTML, as well as many other digital text formats. You can use Capti while you are commuting or traveling, working out or relaxing, anywhere and anytime.

For example, you can add the morning news to your Playlist and start listening to it on your iPad at home and continue listening from the same spot on your iPhone during your commute. You can add documents to your Playlist online when you are at work or at school and then catch up with the reading while you are exercising at the gym or relax on the couch at home while listening to your computer narrate your favorite e-book. – Capti will synchronize your Playlist among all your devices, making the transition seamless.

To further customize Capti:

  1. Set your preferred voice and speech rate
  2. Set your preferred look and feel
  3. Subscribe to a premium account

While Capti can be used absolutely free, premium account holders will benefit from the ability to create multiple playlists, search their playlists, view images in documents and books, and import larger files. The Premium account will also enable English language learners to use word translation and play Word Challenge – an addictive context-sensitive vocabulary-building game.

We are certain Capti will become your all-day reading companion allowing you to learn faster, be more productive, multitask, and keep up with all the reading you otherwise could not find the time to do.

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