Distributing Bookshare Books

Bookshare is a federally funded program which provides free access to a library of over 500k books to students with a print disability. Bookshare account can be created on www.bookshare.org.

The books that you have access to is determined by your Bookshare account permissions. The books that your students have access to is determined by their qualifying information and by which books you put in their "Reading List". If you have any questions about which books are available to you, please contact Bookshare’s support: https://www.bookshare.org/contactUs.

* Importing a Book into a Playlist

If you or the student alreay have access to a book in Bookshare then follow those instructions for importing it into Capti playlist.

* Sharing a Book into Student's Playlist

If your student doesn't have access to a Bookshare book then follow the steps below to share it.

Step 1: Add a Book to Bookshare's "Reading List"

In the first step, if you haven't done so before, assign the books to your students using Bookshare's "Reading Lists".

  1. Login into your Bookshare account on www.bookshare.org
  2. Click My Bookshare
  3. Click My Reading Lists
  4. Create and share a "Reading List" (if haven't done so before)
    1. Click Create button
    2. Fill in the form and make sure the "Share With" option is not set to "Private", then click Save.
    3. Put a checkmark next to names of students you want to add and click Add Selected Members
  5. Add books to the "Reading List"
    1. Click Titles
    2. Click Add Books
    3. Use the search box to search for a book
    4. Put a checkmark next to names of books you want to add and click Save and Close or Save and Add More

Step 2: Add a Book to Student's Personal Playlist in Capti

In the second step, add the books from Bookshare into your student's personal Capti playlist.

  1. Ask your students to login into their Capti account (or login on their behalf).
  2. Create a new playlist by clicking + Playlist and setting "Access" to "Only me". You can also use a playlist you created earlier.
    Note: Due to Bookshare restrictions, Bookshare books can only be added to playlist with access "Only Me", i.e. playlist that can't be shared.
  3. Enter the playlist, click + Track button and select "Bookshare" from the list.
  4. Login into Bookshare as a student or as a teacher. If you logged in as a teacher you will be asked to choose a student from the list. Click on student name to continue.
  5. Type in the name, ISBN, or author name of the book in the search bar and press "Enter".
  6. A list of books will appear. Click on the name of the book and click Import. The book will start loading and appear in your playlist in a few seconds.
  7. If you logged in as a teacher, do not forget to logout once you are done adding books.

* Updating Qualifying Information in Bookshare

If the qualifying information of the Bookshare account you are using doesn't match what's required to download a specific book, then when you try to import the book into Capti the download will fail. If you have editing permissions for the Bookshare account you can update the students qualifying permissions:

  1. Login into your account on Bookshare.org.
  2. Click Members on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the name of the member that you want to edit.
  4. Update qualifying information appropriately. For example access to textbooks requires the Plan option as "User has an IEP"
  5. Click Save
  6. Try to add the book into Capti again.

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