Configuring Blackboard

* Setting up Capti as an LTI Provider

Step 1: Enable LTI in Capti Voice

  1. Login into Capti on the website. Your Capti account must have an administrator role.
  2. Go to Admin Organization LTI Integration
  3. Set "LTI Integration" to "Enabled". Take note of the consumer key and shared secret, you will need them later.
  4. Either contact us to enable automatic LTI rostering for your account, or add Blackboard users to Capti account manually. For seamless integration their Capti ID must match their primary Blackboard email address. Read more about automatic rostering using LTI.

Step 2: Add Capti Voice app to Blackboard

  1. Login into Blackboard. Your Blackboard account must have an administrator or teacher role.
  2. Open LTI app configuration screen: go to System Admin LTI Tool Providers
  3. Click Register Provider Domain
  4. Set Provider Domain to
  5. Set Default Configuration to Set Globaly
  6. Set Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret to the values from Capti's "LTI Integration" tab (see above).
  7. Set Send User Data to Send user data over any connection
  8. In User Fields to Set put a checkmark next to: Role in Course, Name, Email Address.
  9. No other options need to be filled in. Click Submit and Capti Voice button will appear in the course navigation panel.

Step 3: Add Capti Voice Placement to Blackboard

  1. In System Admin LTI Tool Providers: open Capti Voice options menu and select Manage Placement
  2. Click Create Placement
  3. Set Label to Capti Voice, or any other descriptive name. This is the name of the link that you and your students will be clicking to open Capti.
  4. Set Handle to captivoice
  5. Make sure that Type is set to Course Tool and that the Student is checked
  6. Set Tool Provider LTI to
  7. Make sure that Key and Secret are correct (Blackboard will fill them in automatically)
  8. Add the following to Tool Provider Custom Parameters field:


  9. Click Submit

Step 4: Enable Capti Voice in Blackboard

In System Admin

  1. Click Course Settings
  2. Click Course Tools
  3. Make sure that Capti Voice course tool is listed and turned On. Make sure the changes are applied to New and existing courses.

In specific course

  1. Go to Course Customization Tool Availability
  2. Make sure that Capti Voice is checked

Step 5: Verify integration

  1. Open one of your courses
  2. You should be able to see "Capti Voice" module in the dashboard. If you don't see it, click Add Course Module, find Capti Voice and click Add.
  3. Click Tools in the sidebar, then click Capti Voice and Capti will open. Click Open in New Tab to open Capti in a new tab.

* Setting up import of documents into Capti

Step 1: Create Capti Voice REST API integration in Blackboard

  1. Login into BlackBoard. Your BlackBoard account must have an administrator role.
  2. Go to System Admin REST API Integrations
  3. Click Create Integration
  4. Set the "Application ID" to 8d652601-49fa-46d9-b63f-59fcf61263da
  5. Set "Learn User" value to one of the Blackboard users. The user you choose needs no special privileges defined.
  6. Click Submit and a new entry "Capti Voice" will appear in the REST API Integrations table.

Step 2: Add Blackboard to Capti Voice

  1. Login into Capti on the website. Your Capti account must have an administrator role.
  2. Go to Admin Organization LMS Integration
  3. Click + Source Blackboard and a new dialog will open.
  4. Fill in the name of your BlackBoard instance, e.g. "Carnegie Mellon BlackBoard".
  5. Fill in the URL of your BlackBoard, e.g. "" (note that the URL has no trailing "/").
  6. Click Add and a new entry will appear in the table on screen.

Step 3: Verify integration

  1. In Capti: go to the Playlist screen.
  2. Choose a specific playlist, click + Track and select Blackboard
  3. Click Log In next to the name of the BlackBoard you want to access.
  4. Login with BlackBoard. Once you are done logging in you should see your BlackBoard documents and be able to import them into Capti.

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