Adding Annotations & Highlights

  1. Use standard gestures to select the text that you would like to highlight. The contextual menu will appear. Tap the white triangle on the right side until the word Annotate appears. Tap it.

    highlighted text options, Copy, Select All, Look Up highlighted text options, Translate, Annotate

  2. Select color of your highlight or bookmark, type a comment (optional), then tap the Save in the top-right corner of the screen. New note saved to Capti
  3. The text you selected will be highlighted or flagged with a bookmark. Highlighted: The Hubble Space telescope being launched into space

To add a new highlight, bookmark, or comment:

  • Use your mouse to select the text that you would like to highlight and right click. The drop-down box will appear. Choose a color for your highlight. The text you selected will be highlighted. iOS options to highlight/annotate
  • To add a comment, right-click text selection and choose Annotate and highlight…. The “New Annotation” text box will appear. You can choose a color to highlight the content you want to annotate. Where the annotation was made in the text, it will be highlighted with the color you had chosen. Highlight color options
  • To add a bookmark, right-click a word and select Bookmark from the menu. A bookmark icon will appear next to the line with the word.

Tip: All bookmarks and highlights you add will appear in the left sidebar.

You don't need to do anything special to share your annotations. If the track is in a shared playlist and you have permission to edit the playlist then your annotations will be automatically shared with everyone who can view or edit the playlist. As playlist editor you will also be able to edit annotations shared by other editors. As a playlist viewer you can see annotations shared with you, but you can only edit your own annotations.