Taking Notes

# Take Notes

To add a new highlight, bookmark, or comment:

  1. Use standard gestures to select the text that you would like to highlight. The contextual menu will appear. Tap the white triangle on the right side until the word Annotate appears. Tap it.

    highlighted text options, Copy, Select All, Look Up highlighted text options, Translate, Annotate

  2. Select color of your highlight or bookmark, type a comment (optional), then tap the Save in the top-right corner of the screen. New note saved to Capti
  3. The text you selected will be highlighted or flagged with a bookmark. Highlighted: The Hubble Space telescope being launched into space

# Review & Edit Notes

To view, edit, or erase bookmarks, passage highlights or notes that you added to the track

  1. Open the track text
  2. Tap in the top-right corner, and select Annotations. Annotations highlighted in menu
  3. Tap an annotation to view it in detail. You can filter the annotations by type and highlight color by selecting and unselecting colors at the top of the screen. Color options for highlighting
  4. Tap Edit to edit the comment text and the highlight color. Tap Erase to delete the annotation. Tap Jump Here to jump to its location in text. Dialog for reviewing and editing an annotation

# Take Notes

Add a Comment

Use your mouse to select the text that you would like to comment on, then choose Comment.... A new dialog will appear. Type your comment, select color of the comment, and click Create.

Add a Highlight

Use your mouse to select the text that you would like to highlight, then choose the highlight color.

Add a Bookmark

Use your mouse to select the text that you would like to highlight, then choose Bookmark. If you want to add bookmark with comment then use the Comment....

Add a Definition or a Translation

Use your mouse to select word or phrase, then choose either Define or Translate. Click Add next to one of the translations or definitions, edit it if you want, and click Add again.

Write on Document

Use your mouse to click on the Write on document... button in the top-right corner of the screen. A new empty note will appear in the center of the screen. Type your note, move it to the correct position on screen, and click Done.

You can change how the text in your note looks using the menu that will appear at the top of the screen while you are editing the note. You can change font, colors, line spacing, add bullet points, and much more.

Tip: This feature is only available on Original Layout tracks.

# Review & Edit Notes

To find all notes in the track open the right sidebar and click on the Notes tab. Use the dropdowns to filter the notes by note type and by authorship.

Another way to find a note is go to the Search tab, type some text that appears in the note, and press Enter. List of matching notes (as well as matches from the track itself) will appear in the sidebar.

To skip to the note in the text simply click on the note. To view, edit, or delete a note click the ... button next to the note and select the appropriate action.

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