Saving Words to a Word List

Step 1Save Words and Phrases

  1. Right-click a word in text that you want to save (if you want to save a phrase right-click any word in it)
  2. A contextual menu will open. Click Define or Translate
    Add translations to your word list
  3. A window with translation or definition will open. Click Add next to definition or translation that you want to save.
    Add translations to your word list
    If translation or definition are not provided click on the word or phrase in the bottom of the dialog.
    Add your own definitions to your word list
  4. Edit the text of translation or definition (optional)
  5. Click Add to confirm
    Add your own definitions to your word list

Tip:Each entry in the word list is linked to a specific word or phrase instance in the text. This means that if the same word appears more than once in the same text you can provide a separate, context specific definition or translation for each.

Step 2Review Saved Words and Phrases

Each track has its own separate word list. To open the word list of a track:

  1. Click on the arrow on the right side of a track in order to go deeper into the article.
    Go into article details
  2. Select tab Word List
    Word list in the sidebar

    Initially the word list is empty and it is up to you to add new words and phrases to it.

Note: If the track is deleted then the attached word list will be deleted along with it.

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