ReadReady Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does ReadReady measure/test?

    ReadReady measures the five foundational reading skills and reading comprehension. The five skills are, Word Recognition and Decoding, Vocabulary, Morphology, Sentence Processing, and Reading Efficiency.

  • How long does ReadReady take to complete?

    ReadReady is the most thorough and accurate diagnostic assessment to date. Thus, the assessment is longer than most and usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete all six subtests. Subtests can be split into their component parts to break up testing times.

  • How often should you administer?

    It is recommended to administer the entire assessment seasonal. 3 times a year to measure progress.

  • What age/grade level students can take ReadReady?

    ReadReady has 3 tiers of difficulty. 3-12 is the range of grade levels that can benefit from ReadReady.

  • Does ReadReady align with Common Core

    The Common Core has standards for foundational skills up until grade 5.

    They cover constructs related to ReadReady including decoding, word recognition, fluency, and morphology. ReadReady augments the standards by allowing us to measure the 5 foundational skills beyond grade 5 (where the common core ends). Failure to measure foundational skills beyond grade 5, is a potential failure to detect key sources of the problem.

  • Does ReadReady work for ELs

    ReadReady will work well for identifying foundational skills weaknesses for EL’s.

  • Using the Science of Reading to Develop Foundational Reading Skills and Comprehension

  • Capti Voice Literacy and Learning Platform with ReadReady Diagnostic Reading Assessment

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