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Is the Science of Reading the same as Phonics?

A drawing of a book and a brain above it with arrows pointing from the book to the brain, gears in the background

Schools and districts around the country are implementing sweeping mandates that focus on the Science of Reading, which is reduced to phonics programs, but is that enough to solve the reading crisis? And what is the Science of Reading? Is it simply phonics; is that where the science ends? In this article, we will dig into the Science of Reading and the foundational reading skills that, when taught together, lead to proficient reading.

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What Does it Take to Read in the 21st Century?

W drawing of a brain from the top with lots of texts and formulae expanding to the left of it, and colorful spots to the right of it

Researchers found that the meaning of “reading and comprehension” has undergone significant changes over the past few decades; and therefore, how we help children learn across grade levels should also change.

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The Importance of Decoding and Word Recognition in Long-Term Reading Success

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A hallmark of long-term reading success is the automaticity of decoding and word recognition. Unfortunately, there are students who still struggle with these skills in upper elementary, middle, and even high school. Their reading comprehension is usually impeded, but their teachers do not know what is causing the problem. Therefore, it is imperative for teachers to know what comprises these skills and how to assess them.

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