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Capti Narrator text to speech version 2 for iPhone and iPad!

We are happy to announce a major update of Capti 2.0:
  • Now you can read track content visually, and Capti will highlight every word it reads
  • You can use the table of content or navigate by page, sentence, paragraph, heading, etc.
  • With Capti extension, you can import content from Safari, Chrome, Opera and many other apps by using the Share button
  • You now have access to over 49,000 free books from Gutenberg
  • Import your documents from Microsoft’s OneDrive
  • Try our full-text search – pull down on the Playlist
  • Configure the speech rate for each language individually
  • Capti is now fully compatible with the iPad – synchronize with your iPhone playlist
  • Capti is also substantially more reliable
  • Free Voice Upgrade: the top quality voices are now even better
  • Try the new amazing high-quality voices: Sharon and kid Justin (U.S. English), Lisa (Australian English), Rhona (Welsh English), kids Jonas and Lea (German), kids Emilio and Valeria (U.S. Spanish and English), and Rodrigo (Spanish)
Check out the Windows version www.captivoice.com – synchronize your Playlist!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at feedback@captivoice.com