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Capti's Premium Voices

Capti's Premium Voices

Educational institutions with an active Capti Accommodate or Higher Ed account have unlimited access to Capti speech-to-text and can choose 2 out of a wide selection of high-fidelity, Premium text-to-speech voices.
  • Premium text-to-speech in 10 languages
  • Speech recognition in 20+ languages
  • Automatic detection of an uploaded text’s language
  • Personalized testing accommodations
  • 2 free Premium voices unlocked with Educational Account

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Capti for Educational Institutions

Let’s talk!

E-mail info@captivoice.com or call 888-533-7884 to request more information, refer to a colleague, or introduce us to the Decision Maker
  • Premium voices for iOS starting from $1.99 for a one time purchase
  • Premium voices for Web use at $5.99 / month or $29.99 / year subscription
  • Dictation services: pay-per-use Capti Coins starting from $4.99
  • Capti Premium voices are not included in the Capti Premium plan
  • You can use 3rd party SAPI-compliant voices with Capti for no additional fee

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An Important Announcement for Capti Voice Admins

Good news!

Up until now, Capti Voice Administrators were required to have two accounts that were assigned to two different email addresses: one for adding teachers, assistants, and students to the organization, and another to access the Playlist view.

As a result of our latest release for Capti Online and Capti Desktop, Administrators are no longer required to have two separate accounts.

Your Administrator account username is typically in this format: email+admin@domain.com, and the password would be set to either capti1 or Teacher1.

We recommend logging in with your Administrator account username and password from now on. Your other account, which is assigned to your actual email and is given the Teacher role, can be ignored. Your improved Administrator account has gained the ability to do everything your Teacher account can do, so there is no longer the need to use both.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us at teacher@captivoice.com.

Our CEO, Dr. Borodin, gets the "35 Innovators Under 35" award

Taking one for the team, our CEO, Dr. Borodin, gets the "35 Innovators Under 35" award from the MIT Technology Review! Read more about it on the official website