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Firsts and foremosts: Capti Narrator text to speech app.

Dear Friends,

Today brings many updates to our website.

First and foremost, we are proud to present the free downloadable Capti extension version 0.9 for Firefox browser. This is a sneak-peak preview of our upcoming major 1.0 release. Version 0.9 is intended for the curious brave souls out there, and it is not fully screen-reader accessible. However, if you want to get a glimpse of the future, go right ahead, and give it a try! But please be patient with Capti if it is misbehaving - it is only learning to walk! Please let us know if there is a feature (or 10!) that you want to see in Capti.

Second is the Capti Bookmarklet that you can install in any browser and then use to add any webpages to Capti. Even if you don't use Firefox browser or have Capti extension installed, this is very useful if you downloaded Capti for iPhone.

Third is the new "Support" section, complete with comprehensive help for Capti users.

Last but not least is this news page, or a blog, if you will, where we will post news about Capti, as well as general thoughts relating to what we are striving to accomplish here at Charmtech Labs LLC.

Capti Team